Afforded Headwind

Another Ulti game last night. The ride there was longer due to a change in location. This afforded me a longer warm up which suits me well actually.

The game itself was good. We played pretty well, and scored a few points. The zone was thrown on us quite a bit (still windy), so we got to work on breaking the zone. I was a popper this time instead of a handler, and I wasn’t doing a good job of it either. My timing was off from the other popper and I was frequently in the wrong place, or just a few steps off from being able to break the cup.

Then when I was handling, it seemed I did poorly at that too. My throws were getting caught by the wind and lifted way too high and out of bounds. I also missed a couple catches. Not my best showing, but I still had fun.

The ride home was hard. I kept a brisk pace the whole way home, but with a headwind and always facing into the sun, I was glad when I reached my garage.