Angrily Confused

People are weird. I know this, and take it as a common truth.

While riding to Ultimate last night I was reminded of this. I was riding up Bay St, and was reaching Richmond. I wanted to get over into the left turn lane, so I shoulder checked. Since it was clear, I made an arm signal and moved over. At the red light I was behind a VW van. I also held my arm out to show people behind me I was going left.

When the light went green the van took off and I followed. After rounding the corner, I immediately moved over to the bike lane.

A couple seconds later, some guy in a small blue car (a Honda Fit sized car) passed me, and shook his finger at me angrily. Confused I turned up one hand to indicate to him that I didn’t know what he was talking about. He continued shaking his hand at me.

I was confused. I really have no idea what he could think I did wrong. Perhaps I didn’t clear the intersection fast enough? I was in a pretty hard gear and should have been one lower. I know I didn’t cause him to miss the advance left turn. Truly weird. Maybe he thought I shouldn’t have been on his road.

Maybe he is just an ignorant driver. I’ll go with that one. After wagging his disapproving finger at me and continuing on he approached a crosswalk with people waiting to cross. He started to slow down, then let go of the brakes and gunned it around a corner. Smooth move loser.