Replacement Transition

Last weekend I had a few minutes to spare, so my daughter and I headed out to Petsmart to get some new fish for the tank. Unfortunately the big Platy I had that had grown from a baby had just died. I was hoping to get some friends for him, but ended up getting a replacement.

Before visiting the store I had two Albino Cory’s, two Leopard Danio’s, and a Tequila Sunrise Guppy. I ended up buying two more fancy Guppies, and two Sunburst Platy’s. The guppies are a beautiful blue color, with bright red tails. The Platy’s are a softer orange, with a black spot on the tail, but one of them didn’t make the transition. In total I now have 8 fish in my 30 gallon tank.

The extra fish in the tank make a huge difference. The whole tank seems much more alive and full of movement. It is awesome having the bigger tank.

Now, to get those crayfish from my co-worker!