Double Push

Last night was supposed to be a double header at Ulti, but I was only able to stay for the first game. It was a great game though.

Before the game, the team showed up early and we got in a good warm up. We did a drill called three man that was good for getting handlers to remember to break their mark. At game time we only had 2 subs while the other team had what looked like 9.

We played well on a near windless night. My throws were pretty good, although I did lead one guy a little too much. He had made a break for the end zone which was perfectly timed with me getting the disc. I had an opening and put the disc up high in front of him. As it was coming down I could see he was a couple steps too far behind it and wouldn’t be able to catch up.

Defensively I was pretty solid. My running legs felt strong, and I never felt mismatched against an opponent. I even managed to block a couple throws.

We even used the opportunity to work on our zone coverage. This was good to do since it helped everyone remember the different positions and what they are supposed to do there. One thing I like about Ulti is learning. It still seems like every game I am learning something new. Putting that into practice during the game is the hard part.

I was even able to incorporate a push pass for a point into the game. Whenever I warm up I try to practice every throw I know, including the push pass. This is a short distance pass, and isn’t very safe. I had the disc right in front of the end zone line. We were about to score and my mark was forcing me home. A teammate passed my mark on the break side, and cut to the home side. I saw him coming and would have had to turn more to do a flick, so instead I did a quick push pass which happened to work out since he caught it for the point.

At the end of the game I packed up, and as I was walking back to the truck I was very happy with how I had played. I felt great too, and was sure I could have played another game. God thing we have a few more double headers later in the season.