Fisgard Exposure

the dragon in the parade

This morning the photo club met to take pictures at the Chinese New Years parade in Chinatown. Upon arriving it was quite clear noone knew what was going on. There were people all over the place, and even though some people were lining the streets, it still wasn’t clear when, or if the parade would move up Fisgard from Chinatown. Finally, with enough asking around, we got the scoop, so we moved up Fisgard and prepared for the parade.

A small ceremony for dignitaries preceeded the parade, then the people surrounding the parade moved to let the procession begin. Unfortunately for us our carfeull chosen spot was inundated with people standing in front of us. Stink. Soon the dragons proceeded past us, and I quickly took a few shots. Upon review, most of my shots were unusable since they were too overexposed. I tried to salvage a few, but I am not too pleased with the results. So, after waiting for close to an hour, it was over in 30 seconds. Kind of fun, but definitely over too quickly.

It was kind of fun taking crowd shots though, something I don’t do very much of. The other thing that confused me was the lighthing. I couldn’t get my exposure right. It was overcast, and quite bright, so I tried underexposing. Reviewing showed these pictures too dark. I tried no exposure compensation, and the shots were still too dark. I then tried overexposing, and these shots had the highlights blown out. I just couldn’t hit the sweet spot today.

Anywho, my pics are here.