Phenomenal Extension

floppy ear dog

After photo club, after grocery shopping, and after lunch, Yoshi and I had a great walk at Macaulay Point Park this afternoon, Walking down there we both enjoyed the sunshine on our faces, but didn’t appreciate the slight breeze. Even though the weather has looked phenomenal, it has been a little cool out.

As I slowly walked around the park Yoshi did his usual romp-pee-romp-about. He always enjoys his walks here, no matter how often he goes. We passed many other dogs also out enjoying the sun. Yoshi showed no interest in playing with anyone, so we kept going. Finishing our usual loop, I took a side trail that made a nice extension to our walk.

I took my camera in hopes of catching some good shots. I got a few of Yoshi, and a few good scenery shots. I love being able to do go shooting with my dog, but I still have to be careful with Yoshi. He doesn’t like it when I linger too long, and one time a while ago, he disappeared while I was concentrating on a shot. Scared me when I looked up from the camera and he was nowhere to be seen. No such problems today.

Pics are here.