Ottawa Plan

a log in the early morning light

Early this morning Suede and I got out if bed and headed out to the airport. I saw her off to Ottawa where she is visiting her sister and nephew who is only a few weeks old. None of us really wanted to get up af 4:45 am, but it had to be done. For the first time I can remember, while Suede and I were up doing stuff around the house getting ready for our day, Yoshi stayedon his bed and continued sleeping. He wasn’t completely underfoot and in our way. It was quite refreshing actually.

After some coffee and breakfast we left the house, and headed out to the airport. It was still very dark, and I quickly realized my plan to drop off Suede, then take Yoshi for a walk was just not going to work. There would be no light at all. Darn.

I stayed with Suede until she had to board her plane, the Yoshi and I came home. Hmm, something is really not right in the world when you go to the airport and get back home before 7am. Upon opening the front door to the house, Yoshi made a bee-line for his bed and went back to sleep. *sigh* I wish I could get to sleep that easily.