Squealing Ghost

Got woken up at 1:30 am last night by some ass-wipe in a red Mustang. Seems he was out for a bit of a joyride, and decided to do a burnout in the intersection right beside my bedroom. Gee thanks.

Then I could hear him peeling out the whole way up Lampson. I could hear him many block away squealing his tires, and revving the engine. You could tell he had a lot of power in his ride, but I just wanted him to go away.

Then just as he faded into the distance, he started to get louder. Yup, he made another pass down Lampson, squealing, revving, and going sideways down the road. He circled the block, then came up Bewdley where he did donuts in the intersection. Just as I was looking to catch his plate number he screamed off to parts unknown. I could see other neighbors turning their lights on too.

A few minutes later I hear a car (much different sound) come racing down Lampson. I looked out the window and thought I saw a ghost cop car. I hope they caught the bastard!