Friday Bounces

fountain in centenial park Vicrotia BC

Just got back from Friday night volleyball. I hadn’t played in a quite a while before joining this league, so I had forgotten just how much fun it really is. We play in a rec league so most of the people are just there to have some fun. Of course there are a few different pools, and each week teams move up and down between pools, so sometime we are matched against a team that really doesn’t want to be playing at our level. Oh well, c’est la vie, and thats the wal the volleyball bounces.

Still tonight was good. In our first match I got a couple of really good blocks which always makes one feel good. I guess overall I played pretty well. Beside the blocks I had a couple good spikes/hits, and more than a few good digs.

One that stands out was really quite funny. There was one hit by our team, but the ball went the wrong direction. I took off after it, managed to get a hit in and sent the ball in towards the net. As I was trying to slow down, I started to lose my balance. Problem was I was running out of gym to run in. I managed to make it through a doorway, stopped, then ran back into the gym and rejoined the game still in progress. 🙂 Good times.

Time for a shower, then time for bed.