Dirty Race

speedy expert

After watching the TC 10K race I thenk headed out to the dump to check out the Down N Durty at the Dump XC race. There aren’t too many races in Victoria, so I wanted to go cheer on the races. I know when I race that I appreciate support from the crowd.

I timed it perfectly too. I arrived at the race site, and was surprised by the lack of cars. As I hiked up the trail I was struck by the lack of spectators. It was very quiet out in the woods. I hiked up to the top of the switchbacks, and waited for the racers. Less than 10 minutes had gone by when the first racer showed up. He had quite a big lead, which was a good thing since he crashed on the corner close to me.

As more racers streamed by, I kept moving down the race course to capture the action in different locations. I had a great time taking pictures and cheering the racers. By the time I made it to the finish line, only two racers were still on the course.

In the end I came away with several pictures I am proud of, and a new respect for action photographers. It is certainly an art that needs to be mastered.

Pics are here.