Jagermeister Breakfast

just a shell of my former self

I almost feel human again. It wasn’t until around 4pm today that I was finally able to eat something. Considering dinner last night was at around 5:30, that means I went almost 24 hours without eating.

The party last night was really fun. There was around 20 of us or so that started the BBQ at Jim’s place. We sat down in the sunshine of the backyard. Fastforward 20 minutes, and the wind had kicked up, the sky clouded over, then the rain started. We moved indoors and continued on. When Greg P arrived he wondered why we were inside since it was nice out again. We moved outside again and continued.

Around 7 we packed it up and headed over to the Boars Nest for some pool, poker, and darts. I started in on the Black Russians and put a few of them down. I can’t play poker when drunk so I was out of the game pretty quickly ( I also can’t play pool once I have had a few drinks. 🙂 No big deal, I got to go visit with some other people. There were a few shots in there sometime too. I remember the Monkey Cherries, the Jagermeister, and the Cinnamon Whisky (tastes like cinamon hearts, lots of them).

Around 10 I was feeling pretty bagged. I was at the point that if I sat down I knew my lights would be out very quickly. I slowed down on the drinks (I think), and tried pacing myself.

Just before 11 I got stuffed into a cab and we headed over to the Fox showroom. Thats where the real drinking began. I was trying to stick with Black Russians the whole night, but that got sidelined at the Fox. I remember the shot lady showing up and placing three glasses in front of me, then she proceeded to fill them. Killer Koolaid. Mmm, very tasty, but very potent. There were a few shows, and I do remember the standing ovation at one point, but I mostly remember the plethora of drinks. Tequila, more Jagermeister, Red Bull and vodka, Black Russians, and more Killer Koolaid. Lots of Killer Koolaid.

I have no idea what time it happened, but I remember telling Jim that I was done. I still had three drinks in front of me, but I never finished them. I also learned that I am a bit of a puker. I did make it to the washroom, and that is a good thing. Back at my seat, the shooter waitress that had been serving me all night gave me a shirt. She thought it was pretty hilarious that my last name was Fox too.

As I was sitting there, with my shirt, I thought that it seemed a little bright inside there. The lights had been turned on. It was time to go home. Where does the time go. Back in another cab and home. Another quick trip to pray to the porcelain gods, then to bed.

Waking up this morning was not a good scene. Even after 7 hours of sleep, I was still drunk. Not good. I downed a glass of water hoping I could keep that down. That didn’t work. When Jim called to set up the breakfast I was feeling ok, so I agreed. I couldn’t drive so I made Erin be the chauffer. The closer we got to Maude Hunter’s the worse I felt. By the time we parked, I knew there was no way I could do breakfast. We headed straight back home again, and once there I pretty much walked straight upstairs and into bed.

I eventually got out of bed around 2, and moved straight to the couch. I have barely left the couch at all. Ahh, the memories. You only live once right?