Oppressively Brisk

it's a hot one out there

The last few days Victoria has been in the midst of a heat wave. I have been eharing a lot of complaining about how oppressive it is, and how unbearable the heat has been. I don’t get it though. The high for the past few days has hovered around 26-28 (Celcius of course). I have been thoroughly enjoying it. I think part of it for me is that I haven’t found it too hot at work. That makes a big difference. The building I work in doesn’t really have any useful air conditioning. In the middle of summer it can get oppressively hot in there. Makes working very difficult some days. So far though, it has only been warm in the office. Something that I can handle.

I have also noiced how quickly a heat wave can affect the environment. When I cut the grass on Wednesday, it was still lush and green. Two days of 28 degree weather, and it has mostly turned brown. I don’t mind the brown grass since I wont have to cut it as often, but I was sure surprised at how quickly it changed.

The heat certainly affects out pets though. Both Yoshi and Aphro feel the heat. Yoshi spends most of his time flaked out on his side relaxing, boviously not as energetic as normal. Aphro spends a lot of time sleeping too, but we have noticed that when it is hot out, she tends to sleep inside her cat tree. This thing she sleeps in is a little cat house on the top of her perch. I can’t imagine how that would be cooler than sleeping on the floor, or under the bed. She seems to think so.

Of course with increased warmth comes increased outdoor activity. The last few days I have notcied a dramatic increase in the mosquito population. Thursday I went for a walk with Coreman and OTP out at Island View beach. The mosquitos there were horrible. Even as we were walking at a brisk pace, the mosquitos would land one me and bite. Aaargh. I hate mosquito bites. Also, since it has been warm, Sox and I have been having some of the windows open in the evening to cool down the house. The little buggers fly in the open windows (which do not have screens, something that a house we buy will definitly have, or soon have). I hate the noise of themflying around my head as I am trying to sleep. As soon as I hear it I cringe. Everytime I feel a little tickle on me I have to scratch it in case it is a mosquito. Friday night I could take it any more. It was 1 am, and I had to turn the lights on, hunt down the mosquito and kill it before I could fall asleep properly.

Small price to pay for such glorious weather though.