Overstepped Throws

the truck wasn't running, and neither was I

Last night was another Ultimate game. I have been pretty excited about this season. I am on what I think will be a good team. A couple of my teammates I have played with before, and another couple I have played against. I think this will be a fun season.

Last night started the season off on the wrong foot though. I was on for the first point, and even though I had warmed up and stretched I still over did it. I pulled something in my quads. I could feel it before the point was over. I sat off a couple points, then went on for another. It felt like if I overstepped just once it would really aggravate it. After that point I sat off for a bit, but I could tell I wouldn’t be able to play carefully any more that game.

I was pretty disappointed as I took my cleats off. Dammit. It was a good feeling to be disappointed though . It means I made the right decision to play again this season.

Walking back to my truck I knew I made the right decision. Every step sent shots of pain into my thigh. Getting out of my truck was a chore, and shuffling up the stairs was not good.

My plan for next week is to ride my road bike to the game. This should warm me up pretty good so that hopefully I won’t do this again next week.

My brain tells me that I should take it easy, but my body just pushes itself. I remember the speed I used to be able to play at, the moves I used to be able to make, and the throws I used to be able to complete. Things are different now and I need to ease myself back in to the game. I will need to be conscious of this next time. Can’t wait until Wednesday.