Treatment Crashing

Sue on a rock face

Sunday Sue and I went mountain biking. She hadn’t been offroad in quite a while, so this was just an easy ride to try and get her back into it. I didn’t want to kill herself on her first time back 😉

We started off with Shock Treatment which is a nice rolly trail with the odd challenge to keep you honest. After that it was an old school loop that went far over to the firehall side of the dump. Sue kept up to me very well. It definitely wasn’t her fitness that kept her back.

Sue riding over a log

Of course Yoshi was there too. He had lots of fun as always.

On one section, Sue went back to try it over. Yoshi started to follow, then stopped right in the middle of us looking between Sue and I. You could see in his mind he was trying to figure out who he should stay with. It was quite funny.

I am so proud of Sue though. On the last trail of the day, Skull Trail, there was one particular corner that I wanted Sue to give a try to. While I spotted her, she tried it several times before getting it. I can remember how tough it can be to go back and try a drop after just crashing on it, or not making it. Sue kept on it until she made it. Way to go Sue!

Proud Sue

I had a good ride too. It was good to get out and sweat a little. Riding is always so much fun.