Swinging Game

not sure what this means

I had a great Ultimate game tonight. I stuck to my plan of riding to and from the game in an effort to get a good warm up before playing. It seemed to work pretty well for me. I should have left a few minutes earlier than I did though since I arrived right as the game was starting. I was warmed up, but I hadn’t tossed the disc at all. After a quick stretch out, and a change into my cleats I was ready.

The game went pretty well, and I felt good throughout. I also had a lot of fun, which was more important.

Our team is a pretty good mix of very experienced players, and some newer players as well. Teaching is a big part of the game, and the more experienced folks are doing a good job of it.

Overall I felt I played pretty good. I was a handler for many points, and I don’t think I ever screwed up too bad. On one point we were on the offensive, and the D zoned us. The cup never really got set up too well, so we slowly marched up the field, by swinging the disc from one side to the other. At one point I got the disc, and I could see one guy striking to an open area on the opposite side of the field. I fired off the disc, and it was heading there perfectly until a gust of wind grabbed it, and the disc just hung there in the air. I was really hoping he could pull it down. A defensive player got to the spot, and the jump was on. The D missed it, and my teammate came down with it. Phew!

The score was really close too. It was tied 14 to 14. Game point. The play was really close, and either team had many opportunities to score. In the end we came down with the disc and won the game.

A quick ride home and it was time for dinner.