Panorama Coffee

faster than a speeding turtle

Sunday I got up a little early, and headed out to the Panorama Rec Centre to watch the Panorama Triathlon. Sox wasn’t in this one, but a couple other of our friends were. Their significant others were there, so I had some company which was fun. I practiced taking action shots, which is definitely a learned art. The overcast sky with slight sprinkling action made me keep the camera hidden as much as I could. Taking pictures of the swim was impossible. Either I was up high looking through the glass, or I was inide the pool area, and having my lens fog up. Aaarg. I think that the race went well for the two guys I was watching. Both looked good at the end of the race. After the race I grabbed a coffee and headed home to meet up with some guests. It was Sox’s bday, and we were having a barbeque.

Pics from the tri are here.