Powered Dementia

out in the woods again

Yesterday I had an excellent ride out at the dump again. A co-worker and I headed out and I chose a route that had lots of climbing. We powered through the ride pretty hard. From the parking lot we headed over towards the far end of the park. We eventually hit South Ridge, and started the big climb there. Up we went until we the top of Birth Control. We headed down the walkup trail, then went over to the switchbacks. Up the switchbacks and up waterworks. I actually cleaned the waterworks again.

We then took twister around then went up to Daves Dementia headed for Snakes and Ladders. For the first time in a very long time I cleaned the last climb before Snakes N Ladders. Woohoo! Been a long time since I have done that.

Down SnL. Then a couple more small trails, and we were back at the TTA. A 2 hour climb fest that was lots of fun, hard work. Trail conditons were excellent. The recent bit of rain helped the dirt pack in a little, but the rocks were still dry with lots of traction.

I was in a big riding slump for quite a while, but I feel like I have turned the corner. I am enthralled with riding again. I want to spend more time riding than I can reasonably afford. I am really looking forward to the race in September. I have that race to thank for the turnaround in my riding.

out in the woods again