Secluded Garbage

the park I love

Last night, in preparation for this morning, I took Yoshi for a walk at Macaulay Point Park. It is one of our frequent destinations, but that never bothers Yoshi. I wanted him to get a good walk in so we took a meandering route through the small park.

There is a small secluded beach that is in the middle of the park. As Yoshi and I were passing through it, we were greeted with quite the mess. Apparently some people decided to have a party there. They had a big bonfire (still warm and smouldering), and were drinking lots. There were crushed cans littering the beach, bottles, plastic bags, and other debris. I was shocked.

Then I got angry. It pissed me off that some people were really so irresponsible. I don’t mind if they want to party on the beach, just clean up after yourselves.

I used the plastic bags there to pick up all the cans and garbage. I filled 4 plastic grocery bags with crushed cans, bottles, and garbage. I still didn’t get it all.

Grr. I love that park so much, and it angers me greatly when I find something like that. I don’t want to lose that park, so I am willing to go to extra effort to ensure I can keep access to it. Still, it doesn’t make me happy.