Qualicum Prizes

Sox on the ride course

Today was the Qualicum Beach Triathlon. Sox raced it for the sixth consecutive year this year, and had a good time as always. Her start time was a leisurely 10:15 am. Woohoo! That gave me enough time to eat breakfast, drink some coffee, and walk Yoshi before we left for the race. Very nice.

Sox’s heat started a little late, but not too bad. Her swim went rather well, and eased through transition without any problems. The bike course went just fine and each lap around she smiled and looked great. I love watching this race since you get to see the athletes so many times.

After the bike course she entered transition again, slipped on her runners and began the last 5 km trek. As Sox passed me she remarked that it was going to be a slow run.

While I was waiting for her first lap I went to see if anyone was in the skate park, and ended up talking with, and taking pictures of a kid doing some riding in the park. It was pretty fun.

Unfortunately I missed her run by on her first lap, but I did see Sox finish the race. Way to go Sox.

After the race we didn’t hang around, and headed home without waiting for the awards or draw prizes. Turns out we should have waited. Sox placed 3rd in her age group. Way to go babe, I’m proud of you!