Stupidity Glare

Today was my last day for BtWW. I thought I had gotten through the week with only seeing a little stupidity, but today I saw two more incidents. I am still shaking my head.

The first was a little red car on Broughton right before Wharf. At first all I saw was garbage truck backing up, but that turned out to be to let oncoming traffic by since the red car was stopped. As I approached, the red car started backing up, evee though there were no reversing lights on the car. I stopped in the middle of the lane, ad car length back. I couldn’t see what the driver was doing, because of glare on the rear window, but I did see an arm flying about. This chick was wacked. She would back up a few feet, stop, then wave her arm about. I finally figureed out that she had missed her turn, and was trying to back up the road to get to it. By this point there were other cars behind me. Despite thinking otherwise I got on my bike, and rode around this crazy woman. As I was passing she was rolling down her window. Not sure what she was trying to accomplish. I think she missed the turn into a parking garage. My strongest advice to her would be to fix her reverse lights, and next time go around the block. It would have taken less time.

Not two blocks away was incident 2. I was riding along Wharf at a pretty good clip, with no traffic around me. As I got close to the cross walk at the foot of Yates a pedestrian approached. Before I knew it, dippy stepped off the curb and crossed right in front of me. Dippy never looked left before crossing the street! Dumbass. I was in a high gear, and never got to gear down before stopping for this guy. Taking off was difficult.

Two clueless people withing a couple blocks within a few minutes.