Physio Tubing

attacked by an evil octopus

I have been to physio a couple times recently to get my shoulder back in shape. Going to physio it a time consuming venture, but the results are worth it. After my first appointment it was feeling a lot better. This last appointment, after the elctro-shok therapy (not sure what it is really called, but they put these little stimulators on your skin), I was off to the workout area. Using a rubber band I exercised my shoulder for probably half an hour. Wow. Tiring and difficult.

I was given some of the rubber tubing to use at home. Something I will have to be vigilant about. I want to be totally healed before the big race in September.

After the workout it was a little ultrasound treatment, then I was on my way.

I haven’t had a lot of good experiences with regular doctors, but these physio guys have always made a huge difference in the healing process. Sometimes it is hard to know when to see them versus a regular doctor. One more appointment to go, then I should be good enough to continue healing on my own at home.