Secret Tigers

mmm, cake

Last Sunday K and JJ had their reception to their secret wedding. Secret wedding, not so secret reception. Beer, food, clowns, kids, family, and friends.

While the clowns entertained the kids, the adults got to eat. Then it was down to business. The happy couple laid down the ground rules for the crowd.

“Thanks for coming. Hope you got enough to eat. Let’s have cake. *

When the clowns were done, there were few kids left, only ferocious tigers, cute little bunnies, and beautiful flower children.

Of course, I was there, camera in hand, enjoying myself and taking pictures. Thankfully the weather cooperated for this event, unlike the last one.

Lots of fun this event was. Playing with frogs, drinking beers, catching up with friends, until the wee hours of the night (really only 10pm).

Once again, congrats to the happy couple!

* My words, not theirs back