Gallery Attempts

no more manual markup for me

I have been playing with the new Gallery software that has been released recently. I’m going to hold off a bit before I take it mainstream. I know they won’t continue the current 1.5 stream, but as of now I prefer it. Quick, fast, intuitive, easy, stable. That is how I see 1.5

How do I see 2.0? Incomplete, slow, lacking featres that I know will be released soon. I might wait a bit. It doesn’t help in the fact that in my 5 test installs, I only got it to properly install once. The successful attempt was on a regular install, and all the failed attempts were a multi-site install. I have several Drupal installs (my CMS of choice), and I recently globbed them all together in a multi-site install. I saw that G2 supported multi-site installs, but I just can’t get it to work. The mulsti-site documentation didn’t help, and I think I was just missing an important concept. I will try again, and watch the documentation to see if it gets updated. For now I have put it on hold.

I feel defeated, and I hate that.

The one successful install was alright. I didn’t like the default theme, and I had to hunt around a bit for others. The main Gallery site seems to be a bit flaky today too, so that isn’t helping my mood at all. It also seems pretty slow. *sigh* I know progress will be made, but how long should I have to wait? I want a working install so I can test the supposed integration with Drupal. Maybe in a couple weeks.

I still haven’t even tried importing an existing gallery. That should provide a few headaches the way my experiences have gone.