Season Cash

junk all around me

Yesterday Sox and I had the yard sale we had been hoping to have for a very long time. I had a few concerns about it when we were getting ready (cost of the ad was $27, I wasn’t sure we would have enough stuff, would we price thing correctly, would anyone come since it isn’t exactly prime sale season, would the weather behave, etc).

It actually worked out perfectly. We didn’t sell everything, but we did get rid of all the big items we really wanted to unload. Most of our stuff sold, and we didn’t have to drop our prices too much. There was lots of traffic. I’m not sure if the amount of people was due to our location, our signage, or our ad (there was definitley a few people who happened upon us). And to top it off, with only a couple hours to go, the sun came out.

It was awesome. We have a few small boxes of things to drop off at the Salvation Army (or some other equivalent), and we made some decent cash. Love it. It feels really good. Although, our sun room is a little bare now. Perhaps the foosball table needs a companion? We were planning on purchasing a composter, but maybe we need an air hockey table instead? Hmmm …