Swim Slower

I sink like a rock if I am not careful

Got out for a swim tonight with Sox and J. I hadn’t been out in a few months, and I was a little worried about how I would fair, specially considering my bum shoulder that it still on the mend. The first couple lengths were a littlw rough. I swallowed a little too much water and felt like I was floundering. After that I calmed myself, tried to swim a little slower, and improved quite a bit. I think I managed somewhere around 400 metres (maybe more). I was pretty happy with this. I felt great the whole time, but as I tired my strokes got sloppy, and I started taking on more water that I was comfortable with. When I called it quits we went and sat in the kiddy pool for a bit, then showered and went home.

Now I am sitting on the couch watching Monster Garage getting sleepier and sleepier. Time for bed I think.