Driving Witnesses

do not drive here

WTF is wrong with people anyway? Driving along Esquimalt Ave tonight, while on my way to pick up Sue I see someone in the oncoming lane enter the parking lot by the Esqumalt Inn very quickly. Like 50 KM/H quick. Next thing I know traffic around me is stopping quickly. The guy that left the road, after entering the parking lot, then hooked left across a sidewalk, just missed a telephone pole (but taking out a guy wire), and struck a metal lamp post. He hit with so much force that he pushed in the front of his Explorer about a foot.

I never actually saw the impact (other cars were in the way), but the after effects were something else. Bits of the truck were thrown 10 feet away. Coolant and other liquids drained onto the sidewalk. Parts dangled off the crumpled front end. A used air bag slowly delfated from around the steering wheel.

Other actual witnesses rushed over to see if the driver needed help. He seemed coherent enough. Very, very strange incident.

I remained on the scene until some police officers showed up. When they had a moment I asked to make sure I could leave. After explaining what I did see, the officer said I could go since there were so many other witnesses that saw more than me.

Thankfully there wasn’t anyone on the sidewalk where that guy drove. Could have been so much more worse.