Tidbits Season

Some tidbits for my neglected blog.

Friday at work there was a bit of a celebration for the team members who worked on one of the projects that our customer GA’d. The celebration was an indoor rock climbing session at CragX here in Victoria. I hadn’t been climbing there in close to 10 years I think. It certainly was a blast. We had a couple hours to play there, and I made the most of it. By the time we were ready to leave, my arms were pretty fried. The last climb I attempted I got up about 10 feet, then my arms gave out, and I came down to the ground (quickly). The belayer wasn’t expecting that, and by the time the slack was taken up by the rope stretching, my harness was pretty tight, and my tippy toes were just barely touching the ground. Yowch. Back at the office, typing was quite difficult. My fingertips felt like they had been sandpapered off. Very odd feeling.

Saturday I had a course I signed up for. An 8 hour long Photoshop course. I got a lot out of the course, but I think a couple of the other people in the class got pretty lost by the end of it. For me, it was a great way to complement, and pull together all the knowledge I already had. Photoshop has some pretty powerful features. I currently use PaintShop Pro at home, but I think that translating what I learned will not be that difficult. Some of the info on color management will be put on hold until I start printing at home

Sunday I had a great mountain bike ride with Yoshi and a couple other people. Not a very long ride, but it had been a while since I had been out. Yoshi certainly enjoyed it.

Tonight was the annual trip to Butchart Gardens to see the lights. A little wet, but the nice thing was this kept the crowds down. Each year there is something different. The have finished the 12 days of Christmas, so this year they added an outdoor skating rink.

I originally wanted to have separate entries for all of these, but I am running out of steam. The Christmas season is catching up to me, and I am definitely ready for a break.