Roundhouse Workers

bouncy fun

Last October the photo club met at the Esquimalt Roundhouse to take some pictures. The conditions on that day were less than ideal. It was cloudy and slightly rainy, making shooting a pain since we were having to cover our cameras when not in use.

Today was the last photo club met again to redo the shoot at the Roundhouse. Technically we weren’t supposed to be there, but we are careful and watched where we went. On arrival today there was a train starting to leave, and a couple workers getting it ready.

At first I was kind of ticked since I assumed this was going to mean the end to the shoot. Waiting a few minutes, one of the workers waved at us. Hmm, maybe the shoot wasn’t off after all. The 2 workers never seemed to really care that we were there.

A shooting we went.

The conditions were a little better this time around. It was a little chilly, but at least the sun was out. I think I managed to capture all new shots this time which is great. That location is chock full of possibilities. Pics are here.