Ongoing Purchases

Last week I went to get some fenders for my new bike.  The fenders I originally bought with the bike just didn’t fit, so I bought some replacements.

Setup was pretty easy, but very, very fiddly. Getting them aligned, but not rubbing is an ongoing process. I might take them off and start over. Yesterday I was able to actually test them out. I was pretty sceptical since they don’t cover very much of the tire, but after a few minutes on the wet roads I was suitably impressed. They kept the spray off my legs and off my butt. I arrived at work still relatively dry.

The other item I bought was a new pair of Mace riding shorts. I have worn them to work a few times, and on the weekend ride. Wow. Comfortable. Love them. I got them for a steal ($50 regular $85), but even at full price they would have been worth the price. Better than the Roach Indy shorts I have been wearing for years. The Mace shorts have a lining, zip crotch, tough button closure, and belt loops. Roach Indy shorts have a velcro closure that wears out after a while.

Anyway, 2 purchases that I am happy with. Gotta love that.