Bouncy Traction

Yesterday was a great ride. I haven’t been riding in a few months, so it was awesome to get out and stretch my legs. I rode the Bullit since it hasn’t seen any action in a very long time. Bouncy bikes are a lot of fun.

The group yesterday was a bunch of guys I haven’t ridden with in a while. Even Shane came out!

We generally took it easy, didn’t ride any high difficulty trails, but still had a great time. There were 6 of us riding, and 3 dogs. Perfect sized pack if you ask me. The dogs were really good and didn’t get in the way at all. Can’t say the same for some of the people though 😉 Just pulling your leg James.

Trail conditions were awesome too. Excellent traction, under clear blue skies, with crisp air. If I didn’t know the time of year I would have guessed it was a fall ride.

I was under a time limit, and had to be home around 3, so when time came to make a decision on what trail to ride, I chose one of my favorites out there: Snakes and Ladders. I railed the trail like I last rode it yesterday. The twists and turns came flooding back to me, and I just pedalled for what I was worth. Such a fun trail.

By this time Yoshi was getting pretty tired. He hasn’t had many long runs lately, and I think that mountain biking was pretty hard on him. He just wasn’t keeping up like he used to. On the way back to the truck I rode pretty slow down the hills so I wouldn’t get too far in front of him. He gets pretty frantic when he gets seperated from me. Not sure how much longer I will be able to take him riding. Maybe when Sox starts running again, and we can get Yoshi’s fitness level up. Makes me sad to think that a time will come when Yoshi just won’t be able to come out with me any more.

The other sad note was on the drive down Hartland Ave, I almost creamed a dog with my truck. This dog bolted out of a hedge lined yard straight towards the road. I have no idea how close it was, but I swerved violently around the dog. It continued across the street like nothing happened. That was a quick shot of adrenaline that I didn’t need.