Cowichan Otters

Ahh, a week at the lake. I actually didn’t get a week up at Cowichan, but I did get 3 glorious days of relaxation. I headed up after work last Wednesday, and met up with Sox, Sprout, JJ, Kaptain K, and e.

Eating, sleeping (ha, yeah right), swimming, relaxing, reading, and photography. That is a good sounding vacation.

Right after arriving, I started to get a little concerned. Yoshi was a spaz. Running amok, bugging everyone, swimming, bugging Digger. I thought we were in for a hard time. By the second day Yoshi had worked off enough steam that he was more relaxed. The third day (Satruday), Yoshi was very subdued and spent most of the day sleeping.

Pics are here.

Let’s rewind a little. After arriving I noticed a dead bat hanging from a power line. When I was unpacked I took a few pics. Cool. Looked like it got stuck and couldn’t untangle itself. Poor guy.

Friday Sox and I headed into town, and checked out the museum.. Small, with barely enough room for our stroller. After learning about the history of Lake Cowichan we headed to Copper Moon for some coffee. We were the only customers and we struck up a conversation with the owner. Very interesting guy. Moved from one of the Gulf Islands because the local governance is tending to strangle businesses a little.

Saturday morning I was up early so I headed outside with camera in hand to capture some of the rising sun (finally making a showing after several cloudy days). While enjoying the chilly air I heard, and located 3 mink, or river otters.They were playing, frolicing, and making some interesting chirping noises on one of the neighbours docks. One of them was diving down to grab some tasty treats. I could hear him crunching down on some food which I later learned was crayfish.

Once veryone was up, Sox and I then decided to head home early. The original plan was to come home Sunday, but we were having a few issues sleeping. Sprout played a part in that, but so did the beds.

Three days for me and Yoshi, 5 for Sox and Sprout. Cabinning on a lake. Fun summertime activities. Thanks for having us along jj and KaptainK. It was a blast.