Daytrip Breathtaking

The day after we got back from the camping trip we had a daytrip over to Saltspring Island to visit with some of the same family that we were camping with.

It was a great day, but pretty long. We got on a morning ferry and Sprout enjoyed the trip. The boat was full and some cars actually didn’t make it on. Weird thing was when I walked to the front of the ferry there was an empty spot that they could have fit another couple cars in.

Once in Ganges we met up with Sox’s family, got some food, then headed headed out to try and find the beach on St Mary Lake. We had some trouble finding it, and when we finally got there we understood why. The beach was all of 30 feet wide. Tiny.

We spend the next three hours there. Sprout and his cousin had a ball playing in the sand and water. Getting buckets of water, pouring them out, getting more. Sandcastles were made and demolished. Rivers were created, rerouted, filled in, and created again. Lunch was eaten and the playing resumed.

I had heard about a photography exhibit at ArtSpring called Into The Light. I had also heard about a gallery called Galleons Lap. I was hoping to check them out, but I was adamant that I wasn’t going to leave Sox at the beach with two children and no car. When Beet started getting sleepy, Sox suggested I take her and go. I did, and I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits. There was on picture in particular that was breathtaking. It was called “The Horns at Sunrise” by Steven Friedman. Awestruck. I literally stood there and stared at this picture for minutes. I perused the rest of the exhibit, then went back to that one image. If I had the cash burning a hole I would have that picture with me right now. Alas and alack I have not a spare grand. 🙁 I was definitely glad I got to see the show. Galleons Lap had some excellent images too, including a very creative set of pinhole camera pictures from Victoria.

The rest of the day was fun, and the return trip to Victoria was easy as pie.