Police Command

After the Salt Spring Island day trip we decided we needed a few days at home to rest. It was a busy week. Sox had heard about the Victoria Police’s 150th birthday celebration at the Empress. After asking Sprout, he was in, so we headed down to check it out. There were demonstrations, a marching band, dog demo’s, firetrucks, emergency vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, and more

Sprout enjoyed pretty much everything and wanted to see it all. We caught one of the dog demos and a funny thing happened. There was someone in the crowd that brought their big German Shepherd to watch. The spectating dog was barking and causing a bit of a scene. The police dog got distracted and actually started running toward the spectators barking. A quick sharp command from the handler brought the dog under control, but I was a little shocked. First, why bring your own dog to such an event? Second, I thought police dogs were trained to not get distracted?

The motorcycle drill team did their performance, and it was pretty amazing. One of my favorite moves was their figure 8. They kept making it tighter and tighter until they were within inches of one another. My other favorite was when one rider came flying at the group and each pair in the group had to deak out of the way. Very cool.

It was a pretty fun event. More pics are here.