Endzone Arc

I realize that I am almost a week late with my Ulti post, but here it is anyway.

Last Wednesdays game was an odd one for me. The game started at 6, but for some reason I had it in my head that it started at 6:30. I arrived to the game late, got my cleats on, and jumped in without any warmup at all. I tried to take it easy the first couple points to get my hands warmed up but I really felt slow and uncomfortable. It took me a long time to get into the game.

Of course it was windy so the other team was zoning us. I am usually a pretty good handler, so when calling the play, I was put in as a handler. I felt like I played pretty bad, and when I could finally feel a sweat being worked up, I was getting into the game.

Still, I was having problems with my forehand throwing, and couldn’t get them to arc nicely, nor be speedy and accurate. I was constantly worried about a bad throw causing a turnover. On one play I made the rookie mistake of not watching the disc to my hands. The throw was near and I looked away to make a connecting play. This was the time that the disc was higher than I thought and I turned it over.

Nearing the end of the game we neared our opponents end zone. We were a couple yards out of the endzone near the right side, the wind was picking up, and I had the disc. I made eye contact with one of my teammates and I could see his check wasn’t looking at me. I pointed to the sideline and tossed the disc, hoping to arc the disc around his check. It sailed out of bounds and wasn’t looking good. Thankfully the wind picked up and brought the disc back inbounds and into my teammates hands for the point. I got lucky on that one, or was it skill 😉

I had another throw that a teammate dove for. I put it out for him a little low, and I fully thought he was going to get it. When he didn’t get back up right away I was a little concerned. Turned out to be a dislocated shoulder. I helped him get to the hospital and looked after his dog while he got worked on. 2.5 hours later he walked out with his arm in a sling. 🙁

Keep it safe kids. The ground is so dry right now that it is very easy to injure yourself.