Throwing Position

I was really dragging my butt this morning. I was feeling tired and groggy and my plan to ride to work was on my mind. Sox asked me if I was going to ride and I really was about to bail on riding, but then during my shower I decided to go for it anyway.

My ride this morning was actually quite nice. I was feeling tired, but my legs felt strong and overall I felt quick.

My ride to the field tonight was short and steep: I went straight up Foul Bay hill. Again I felt strong and was really looking forward to the game.

Warmup went really well. I got my throwing in and was feeling pretty good. We only had 2 subs tonight, so I knew there was going to be a lot of running. When the game began the other team took advantage of the wind and did a pretty consistent zone.

The Green team may have had a similar record as us, but I felt they played a lot better. Our team wasn’t doing very good cuts. This made advancing on the zone difficult. Lots of swing passes to keep the cup moving lead to a slow march up the field. Once close to the endzone inevitably we threw away the disc. I was at fault a couple times too which made me feel crappy since we had worked so hard to get to that position.

Halfway through the game we lost our two subs. No more cooling off on the sidelines. Hard cuts, lots of running and hard playing were in order. I actually had a great time this game. I wanted to run and I got to run.

There was this one check though. When he was checking me he kept telling me what to do and where to position myself. I had to just tune him out. I know he was trying to help, but I really didn’t want his input. Just to prove that I knew what I was doing, several times I ran and cut extra hard and made sure I beat him to get the disk. Petty, but it made me feel better.

Nearing the end of the game I could feel myself running out of gas. I couldn’t run as fast as I could, so I backed off a little to try and avoid hurting myself.

Game over I jumped back on my bike and rode hard on the way home. Great exercise day overall.