LOTDs – Difficult Lights

This is a pretty cool home built light box for photography. I want to build one some day, because I can see the usefulness of it, especially in the winter when getting outside to shoot is more difficult. Looks easy enough, looks great price wise, and looks like it works quite well.

via photoblogs.org

The same guy also has this great article on making your own ring light. Pretty nifty. Not sure if I would make this one or not, but it certainly seems like it would be fun to try. I’m not exactly into studio shooting, and this isn’t a portable rig. Cool tro try out, but most likely wouldn’t have lasting appeal.

again via photoblogs.org

Last Link of the Day is another Do it Yourselfer. Make your own macro light ring. This is one I could see myself building and using. Have you seen how expensive ring lights are? One of the Canon ring flashes retails for around $750.

via Camera News