Flat Dilemma


So I bought a new bike on the weekend.  This is going to be used as my commuter bike for getting to and from work. I found a Louis Garneau road bike, in my size for a pretty decent price. Not sure how old it is, but it is a steel frame, that isn’t what I would call light.

I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

Yesterday after bringing it home, I noticed the front tire was flat. No big deal. I had a spare tube, and since I was going to be installing some fenders anyway, fixing the flat wouldn’t be a big deal.

Well, the fenders didn’t fit. Bummer. That took me a while to really figure that one out. I got the front one on OK, but the back clearance was just too tight. Off came the fenders, the bike came off the stand, and upstairs I went to get cleaned up.

Fast forward to this morning. Getting ready for work I was all psyched to ride the new bike in. Stepping into the garage I noticed the front tire was flat again. It dawned on me that I hadn’t checked the rim. It most likely needs new rim tape. Crap. I will have to pick some up today, and a couple more tubes. Tomorrow I should be able to ride it in though. Hopefully the weather holds for tomorrow, or until I can figure out my fender dilemma.