LOTD – Suspension Designs

This is an interesting look at suspension designs and how they work. I love watching all the linkages work, and how they affect the rear wheel path. Would have loved to see a Knolly in there though.

Test Sessions: 17 Suspension Systems Cycled for Science


via VitalMTB

Bikes Feel

Awesome. I’d love to try one of these bikes, just to hear and feel it. I bet it would be awesome. Of course, I would be wearing at least a helmet for protection.

LOTD – Roadie Mix

It’s no surprise that I have been doing more and more road riding. It’s fun, good exercise, and let’s me see a lot of our beautiful city.

Still, in my heart I am a mountain biker. I follow mountain biking news way more than roadie news.

When I saw this video, I began to think, maybe I can truly mix mountain biking with road biking.