LOTD – Indoor This

I’ve seen a couple videos of indoor skydiving. Most of them are pretty tame, but this is pretty amazing.

The choreography is pretty amazing, and how fast they are flying around that thing is mind blowing. How many times did they practice, and how many failures did they have just to get this video?

via Damn Cool Pics

LOTD – Race Here

I used to downhill race when I used to ride a lot. I never really placed all that well, but I would have a good time. Nothing like going as fast as you can down a trail and not having to worry about someone around the next corner. There is also nothing like getting a shuttle to the top of the trail and doing many runs in a day 🙂

I’ve heard about urban DH races before, and I’ve seen a few pictures, but this video is unreal. Crazy fast, and insanely tight.

I originally found this on twitter, but the site the video is on is here.

LOTD – Zoom Thermos

In a previous Link Of The Day I had a zoom lens mug. It was cool and all, but it still looked like a mug due to the huge handle. Check out this awesomeness!

This is a thermos that looks like a Canon 70-200L lens! Totally sweet and I am totally envious of all the people who apparently got them for free at the olympics.

via Gizmodo