Requisite Adult

so tall and grown up

I feel like such an adult today. After getting up, I spent some time with the family (feels a little weird to write that). Sox and I got 4/5 of us family members (me, Sox, Sprout, and Yoshi) bundled up, and headed out for a bit. Starbucks was in order this morning, so after picking up our requisite drink, we took Yoshi for a walk at a nearby park.

He tore around like he hadn’t walked in a long time, and only got lost from us one time. Scares me every time he does that. He will take off so he can’t see or hear us, then somehow gets lost on the way back. He will then get frantic, and start heading back to where we started from (even if we aren’t heading in that direction). After retrieving the dog with the help of some other park go-ers, we were much relieved.

so tall and grown up

One the way home from the park we stopped to get some milk. Sigh. I can remember mom doing things like this when I was a kid. 🙂

Once home I got out the lawn mower for the first time this year. Yeesh, the yard was a mess. Branched everywhere, pine cones strewn about, weeds, large thick clumps of grass. The first mow is always the hardest. Thankfully I was able to get through it without the battery dieing (we have a battery powered electric mower).

After the grass I wrenched on my new commuter bike. Too bad for me the fenders I bought don’t fit properly. I have two options. The first is to return the fenders, and buyer a different variety that won’t offer the same protection, or I can buy new tires for the bike that aren’t as tall as the current ones. Still have to ponder that one.

Still lots of time left in the day, so I am trying to get caught up a little on my RSS reading. I am contemplating paring down my feed list. At the very least I will have to be more diligent about just marking a whole category as read. My programming feeds are getting further and further behind. There are a lot of articles I want to read, but there just isn’t enough time. If only there were 30 hours a day, and 8 days in a week!

All in all I am feeling like an adult. Not sure how that happened. 😉