Downhill Jitters

Friday at work I began to wonder about the upcoming Island Cup downhill racing season. Every year I do 1 or 2 races. Last year was the exception due to conflicts with stag parties, weddings, and the like. 🙂

After the usual Google search, I ended up at the Arrowsmith Mountain Bike Club. Front page there is the advertsing poster. Much to my dismay/amazement I noticed that the first race is this weekend in Nanaimo. Damn. I was hoping to do that race this year.

Next weekend is Victoria. WTF? I am dumbfounded that I haven’t heard of this race yet. After seeing this race is next weekend I jumped over to the SIMBS page has no mention of the race. This is an organization that must approve of races in the park. This is the same organization that is supposed to be promoting riding and racing in Victoria. No big mention of the Victoria race in the SIMBS forums either.

In any event I am looking forward to the race next weekend. I called Oak Bay Bikes today and learned that the race is on the same course as the last DH race at the dump. This is good news for me. I don’t have enough spare time next weekend to do a full training day on a new course before race day. Knowing those trails the way I do I feel pretty good about being able to put in a good race. I just wish I had put in some real training for the season. Maybe my commuting the last few weeks will pay off in the fitness arena.

I am anticipating the race. In some weird way I really enjoy the pre race jitters. I enjoy riding the course in my head a million times before my race run. I love the felling of my heartbeat racing off as the race official counts down my start. I love the adrenaline rush as I take off from the start line. I definitely push myself way more when I race rather than a normal ride, and I love that feeling too. The burning sensation in my budy as I cross the finish line is something I will never forget. The heavy breathing, the acidic almost blood like taste in my mouth. All of it is an experience that really makes me feel alive.

More next weekend on the race though.