Approximating Investment

Riding home from work last night I saw the price of gas had risen to 101.9. This got me to thinking about the money I spent on the bike. I keep wondering if I spent too much, and if we could really afford it.

Approximating the price of the bike at $400 ($350 + taxes)
Set the gas price at $1.109

$400 will buy me approx 360 Litres of gas.

My truck has a 70 L tank. 360/70 will yield approx 5 full tanks of gas. If I drove the truck to work every day, I would fill up every 2 weeks (approx). This means that in 10 weeks (2.5 months) of riding I will have worked off the price of the bike if gas prices remained constant. This doesn’t take into account, what I would have to pay for parking. The spot we used to rent was $90 a month.

Let’s take into account the parking spot price. Two months of driving would cost me $180 + $310 (4 tanks of gas), this totals $490. Less than 2 months of riding.

Not a bad investment.

What if I took the bus instead of driving? Bus passes are currently around $65 a month. It would take me around 6 months of riding to be cost effective.

Again, not bad. The bike is just as quick as the bus, and way more convenient. The math makes me feel a lot better about buying this bike.