Family Stuck

This morning was family morning. Sox, Sprout, Yoshi, and I stopped at Starbucks on our way to Colquitz River Park/Cuthbert Holmes Park. The sun was out, and it was a gorgeous day for a walk. Yoshi was certainly comping at the bit for a good run.

With drinks in hand we wandered the trails enjoying ourselves immensely. The trails were wonderfully suited for the jogging stroller that Sprout was in. He sat up mostly, and grinned quite a bit. We saw a little bit of wildlife too.

Yoshi also got the workout he needed. He ran through the brush, ducking under things, jumping logs, and tramping through the brambles and tall grass.

Near the end of the walk Yoshi gave us a bad scare. He disappeared. This isn’t too bad normally, but we couldn’t hear him at all. We located him though. In a creek with no way out. He jumped down an embankment and couldn’t get back up. There was no shore on this particular creek. He tried a few times to jump up but each time he fell back in. He never panicked (to his credit), but he also wouldn’t leave the spot since he saw me there. I had located another, easier pullout for him to use, but he wouldn’t wander far enough away to find me (no matter how much Sox and I called him).

After ten minutes or so I found a way to get him. Holding onto the base of a shrub, and getting as close to the edge of the bank as I dared, I was able to reach down enough that when Yoshi lunged, I was able to grab his collar and pull him up (I tried making a noose out of his leash but he didn’t like that idea). Back up on the path Yoshi was happy to be re-united with us (and we were pretty happy too). Yoshi was in pretty good shape, but I managed to get a little stinky, slimy mud on my shoes, shorts, and legs.

With Yoshi back in the car, we went shopping (had to continue the family time after all). Bought a nice aluminum case for my nano, and bought some shirts at Old Navy.

What I was really shopping for was some nice flip-flops. What a flip-flop fiasco. I want some nicer ones (no plastic), and those appear to be hard to find. London Thugs? No. Sport Mart? Close, but the ones I liked were too small (even size 12). Winners? No. Old Navy? No. I give up for today.

While shopping in Old Navy we ran into kaptainK and JJ who were also out doing some errands.

Along the way home we stopped for lunch, and then it was time for Sprout’s nap.

All in all an excellent morning.