Pancake Buccaneer

Ahh Buccaneer days. Strange little phenomena in Esquimalt. The Saturday morning of Buccaneer Days a firetruck goes around the neighborhood waking people up at 7:30 for the pancake breakfast. The first year we were in Esquimalt Sox and I wondered what the hell was going on (for the longest time while laying in bed all we heard was a siren, and a muffled voice. As it got close we heard: “Wakey wakey wakey. It’s time to get up. Pancake breakfast time”).

We skipped the breakfast again this year, but decided to catch the parade. Yes the parade. Not sure if they have one every year, but they did this year. Excellent parade too. Not too long, lots of great floats and things to look at. A bit of candy thrown in our direction. Fun fun. The sirens scared Sprout though. Bit of a screaming fit when that happened. Poor guy.

Part of the fun of the parade was watching the cars that were trying to cross the parade route. Police were out to stop this, but there weren’t any signs anywhere that warned people that a parade would be closing Equimalt Ave. Bit of an over sight I would say. Esquimalt Ave is a pretty busy route.

The stupidest individual came whipping out of their driveway as the lead firetrucks approached, and sped up quite quickly. A police officer made the chickie stop and lectured her in front of the crowd before making her pull over (and presumably receive a ticket). Fun times in the Esquampton. 🙂

Back to the parade. JennV and baby L were on hand with us to take it in. After the parade wrapped up the 5 of us headed to the fair for “lunch”. Mmm, Mr Tube Steak, coke, and mini donuts. It was fair day. That’s all there is to say about that, other than Sox and I felt a little ill by the time we got home. 🙂

Lots of fun in a short period of time. Looking for a fun parade, I would suggest taking in the Buccaneer Days parade next year.

Pics are here.