Glorious Pumpkins

Tis the season for pumpkins, so what better destination for a photo club? Today we met at Michells Farm market and headed to the next field up the road, away from all the patrons of the u-pick pumpkins.

The shooting conditions were glorious. Nice sunshine, blue skies with some clouds here and there, and lots and lots of orangey pumpkins on the ground. I chose 10 am as the start time knowing we would miss the nice sunrise light, but that was OK. The light turned out to still be pretty good. Not too harsh, but enough to give some good shadows. The dew was still on the pumkins, and as you will be able to tell, I was enthralled with trying to capture droplets of water.

After attaching my polarizer (to try and enhance the colours and minimize reflections of the dew), I set out to capture what I was seeing.

While we were shooting, a van pulled up to the edge of the road and watched for a bit. They were there for close to 10 minutes I think. No big deal, some people are curious about photographers. Next thing I know this van drives down the driveway of the field, then across the field itself. I was surprised and confused. At the other end the doors opened and everyone got out. They turned out to be pickers, and were harvesting some of the pumpkins.

Later I noticed that just next to us was an airstrip for model aircraft. Barry wandered over to take some pictures there and chatted with one of the guys there. Barry asked if it was OK if he took pictures, and the guy muttered something about it being no problem, but the planes were grounded because the photographers were in the way! The photographers (the rest of the group) were just packing up. As I was waiting for the last person to finish her roll, another guy from the flying club came over to talk to us about where we were standing. He didn’t care that we were there, just that past a certain point in the field, we were in the way of their landing strip and it wasn’t safe. 🙂 I let him know that we were just packing up anyway, so we would easily get out of their way.

All in all it was a very fun shoot. Got a little wet and muddy, but I am very happy with my shots. There was a lot of pictures to take there.

Pics are here.