Navy Attendance

Before heading to Nanaimo for Thanksgiving, last Saturday Sox, Sprout and I headed to Ogden Point to check out the Navy Days. I was pretty impressed with their setup there. There was lots of neat things to look at and look in. Armoured Personell Carriers, helicopters, trucks, tents, firetrucks, ships, tugs, and boats.

There were lots of demos done by nevy people, and lots of people to answer questions. There were also flyovers by aricraft, diving demonstrations, and RHIB rides. A RHIB is a rigid hull, inflatable, boat.

All in all a very fun time. And it was free.

Sox and I both felt it was cheap advertising for the Navy. There were tons, and tons of kids around checking things out, playing with machine guns, touring ships, and having fun. What better way to introduce the idea of the Navy (or armed forces) to kids?

Pics are here.

A rather funny (to us) event was the announcement of that attendance of the Women in Black. The announcer, who was frequently telling people about what was happening at that time, announced that the WiB were in attendance, announced what they stood for, then launched into a spiel about how the navy was glad to see them there, and that the navy exists to fight for their freedom to protest. 🙂 It was quite amusing at the time, and to Sox and I it sure felt like he twisted their attendance into another promo for the navy.

I asked on the way out if it was going to be an annual event, and the guard said that they hoped to make it one. I hope they can make it happen next year. How often can you get onto a navy ship and take pictures?