Ferry Frogger

My Dog are people ever stupid.  Getting on the ferry today was ridiculous.  The ferry started loading and people were running back to their cars still!  People had completely missed the announcement to return to their vehicles.  Cars had to change lanes to get around the empty cars while those people were trying to play Frogger with children and elderly people to get back to their cars.  Scary and stupid.  In all there was at least 4 announcements telling people to return to their cars because the 11 am ferry was loading.

Now, I understand that the announcements are not that loud, but these people must be completely clueless since the market completely empties of people when a ferry is loading.  That and a lot of previously parked traffic was driving away.  I know I am generally aware if the time, especially when ferries are concerned.

Still, almost all the cars were loaded, and there were 2 remaining with no one in them.  Great way to make a ferry late.