Consumer Empties

Consumer Alert: Stay away from Canadian Springs. They can’t seem to figure out how to properly deliver water, nor how to stop delivering water.

Sox and I signed up a while ago for this 2 bottle a month plan. It was fine until we got backed up on bottles and realized we never drank that much. Also, their delivery schedule was pretty erratic, and they never seemed to show when they were supposed to. We decided to go back to buying it at Thrifty’s. Same water, just no delivery schedule.

I called up Canadian Springs in late November, or early December and told them we wanted to cancel. After asking their questions as to why, I arranged for the date they would come pick up the bottles. They said Dec 29. On that date I put all the bottles outside, and nothing. I called again in Mid January and they had no record of me calling and cancelling.

This time I really got it cancelled, and they said they would be by on Jan 29 to get the bottles. On the day we made sure they were all there still. When the driver came he grabbed all the empties, but not the remaining full bottle. Aaargh.

Another phone call, and hopefully we can get our deposit cheque back. This kind of service does not make me want to ever use them again. Post purchase support is of the same importance as per purchase. Why don’t companies get that?