Illegal Nimrod

I know some people think I provoke or attract bad drivers to me. I don’t think that is it, but maybe I am just less tolerant of stupid and bad driving than most? Maybe I pay more attention than most? I don’t know, but this week I saw some yet more Morons while driving.

The first set of incidents were the red light runners. Through multiple red lights along the way home I saw people obviously running them. The worst was when I was making a left turn. I was in the intersection as the light turned yellow. The oncoming car turned right, and as I was about to make my turn, the car behind him went through the intersection. I avoided them, and honked at them with displeasure. Pay attention people! It’s not that hard.

Downtown I saw someone make an illegal turn onto a one way street, and ended up going the wrong way on that street.

The last Moron of the week was just yesterday. There was a Sonoma driving, just ahead of me, in the lane to my right. As we were driving along, nimrod suddenly hits the brakes, flicks on his blinker, moves over to me lane (causing me to brake hard), then half pulls off the road, but half bocks my lane. This was right downtown in the middle of rush hour. He stopped. I honked at him, then had to pull around him.