Purposely Opening

I had read a while ago (before becoming a dad) that one of the best things about being a dad is getting to play like a kid again.

I must admit (as I am sure a lot of dad will admit) that this is very true. Sprout is getting to a very fun age where he is purposely playing with toys. This of course means I get to play with him. Crawling around on the floor, playing with cars and trains, building forts out of blocks, making funny noises with the mouth, and making funny faces are all things that I get to do while playing with Sprout. Some days it feels very therapeutic to be so silly. You can’t be stressed out or thinking about something serious when you are blowing raspberries or having a tickle fight. It just isn’t possible.

Having Sprout around is also really helping me relive my childhood. Every day I am remembering something I did as a kid, or something I didn’t do. It is pretty eye opening to me. I keep thinking about things I want Sprout to experience as he grows up. Camping, riding bikes, swimming, playing sports, family vacations, Christmas time. The list goes on. I want the world for him. Some things I just can’t wait for. Helping Sprout with homework, taking him to practice (for whatever sport he wants), going to ride bikes together. Dad things. I love spending time with him now, and can’t wait to spend more time with him in the future. I think that means I like being a dad.

Sox and Sprout have both been such amazing life changing events. Every day I feel lucky to have them, and to be around them. Thanks you two.